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Any issues with tags, live ads, or trafficking questions should be directed to the account team or by emailing at TrafficUS@flashtalking.com.


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To use the Report Builder, you need to log into the Flashtalking Hub first. You do this by clicking on the following link:


This will take you to the login screen where you enter your username and password to log in.

Once you’re logged into the Reporting application, you will be directed to the main screen where you can click on Create Report to begin.


In the first section of the Customer Reports > New Template page, you can set the report properties as in the following:

  • Template title: this is required to save the report
  • Report type: Summary, Daily, or Transaction
  • File Type: CSV or XLSV
  • Date range: Date Range of the report


The second section of the page defines the content of the report.

  • Advertisers: You can select all the advertisers listed or individual  advertisers
  • Campaigns: Once you select the advertiser(s), you can select/unselect on a campaign level

Filters: You can filter even further by content category, creative, creative group or placement

The third section is where you define the columns and groupings for your report.

  • Levels: Defines the granularity to your report. You can select from an array of options like Media Buyer, Advertiser, Campaign, and so on.
  • Metrics: Brings up a menu to select from Impression, Click, Video, Interaction and Information Select each option to bring up options under each section
  • Spotlights: If you have Spotlights set up, you can select them here
  • Spotlight Metrics: Spotlight-specific metrics section

The last section on the page is the Scheduling section. Here you can schedule the frequency of the report and define a start and end date.

You can also add the recipients to receive the reports automatically. Once you finish creating your report, you can Save your report and it will generate a report based on the start date or you can Save and Run Once, which will save your report template and run the report you created.

Note: If you need information about setting up a FTP Connection, please reach out to your Flashtalking contact.


“Auto-Refresh” is a general term for ad technology that initiates a new request for an ad impression to be served without the requirement of a new page load. An Auto-Refresh impression might occur in the context of say a live-updating stock-ticker or sports scoreboard, or it could be triggered by time, some kind of user-interaction/activity, or through other programming. If you use Auto-Refresh ad technology, and the total number of impressions triggered by Auto-Refresh is material (>5%), we can discuss implementing the capability to provide a segregated count of such impressions in our reporting. If this applies to you, and you would be able to provide Flashtalking with such a signal, say as a parameter on the ad call, please contact us to discuss implementation.