About Us

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Who is Flashtalking?

Flashtalking is a data-driven ad management and analytics technology company, we use data to personalise advertising in real-time, analyse its effectiveness and enable optimisation that drives better engagement and ROI for sophisticated global brands.

Our platform leads the ad management and analytics market by providing advertisers with innovative products, services and support to create, activate and measure data-driven digital advertising across desktop, mobile and connected TV.

Flashtalking serves billions of ad impressions throughout the US, Europe and international markets. Regional offices are currently located in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, London, Leeds, Sydney, Cologne, Hamburg and Amsterdam.

Why Flashtalking?

The Best Support from Passionate People

The people make Flashtalking. Passionate people, highly skilled and dedicated to making sure our advertisers and clients experience the best. There are many teams who come together to deliver our technology and support, broadly these can be grouped into:

Campaign Management & Creative Support – alongside our innovative new self-serve trafficking tools the Flashtalking Campaign Management team and Creative Support studio are the cornerstone of our business. Their knowledge is immense and their dedication, professionalism and ability to hold together the demands across media agency, creative agency and publisher are legendary. Here is as good a place as any to say thank you to everyone in these teams across the world.

Technical Development & Data Support – the best technology comes from the best minds working together. We’re privileged to have that combination – the Tech and Data team always meet the exacting demands of product roadmaps and big data yet still find time to think up new technologies that provide better, faster ways of deploying and measuring massive digital advertising campaigns. You know who you are tech team – thank you.

Media Buyers Win When the Ad Server is Independent of Media.

Flashtalking is the only major ad server outside the buying fray.

Standing Firmly on the Side of the Advertiser.

Historically the third party ad server was the necessary step to operational efficiency and unbiased auditing.  In the last few years, a new normal emerged. One where an ad server must now encompass workflow management and efficiency that goes beyond cross-publisher and includes cross-device, format, and channel. The auditing must go beyond delivery confirmation and also includes viewability, fraud, brand safety, and attribution.

In order for an ad server to fully serve advertisers, it is critical that they are unbiased and outside the fray of media buying. If not, then any reporting must be read through a lens of potential media bias.

That’s where we stand alone. Flashtalking is the ONLY independent ad server with the scale, expertise, and creative vision to fulfill your third party ad serving needs. The ad server is your source of truth in the digital media landscape. Flashtalking stands out from the competition with 4 core points of differentiation.

  • We are the absolute best partner for dynamic creative. Dynamic is a part of our DNA, its how the company was started and no one can help tighten that gap between advertiser and consumer better.
  • We have no stake in media or data. Flashtalking is outside the fray of media buying, and we are the only scalable ad server that don’t use our clients data. We don’t retain it, we don’t benchmark it. This places Flashtalking squarely on the side of the advertiser.
  • We serve programmatic creative across desktop, mobile, and video. Our cookie-free tracking sees where cookies cannot, removing the distortion of cookie deters and ad blocking. This lays the foundation for reliable cross device and channel strategies which empower advertisers to tell consistent stories while consumers hopscotch between multiple channels and screens.

  • Flashtalking is an open stack. We work and play well with all major ecosystem players. We also have a fully integrated stack that has more than enough power and functionality to serve dynamic creative and standard creative with unbiased measurement on the backend.